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How to GoogaMooga

Don’t think “food festival.” Think “theme park”—but where your senses go on the rides. You’ll encounter some of New York’s (and therefore the world’s) most celebrated chefs, restaurants and purveyors, serving up tastes that are both familiar and new. You’ll sample some of the world’s most exciting beers and wines. You’ll discover little-known artisans with some crazy good offerings. You’ll enjoy demonstrations and talks from the food and drink world’s leading lights. And then there’s the entertainment . . . .

Once you enter, meander among the various themed pavilions. Each participating restaurant will offer just one signature item that they put their heart and soul into. You’ll be able to enjoy these dishes for $8-$12. (Prices for some items may be higher or lower, based on ingredients.) Desserts and other smaller items will be priced accordingly.

The same thing goes for wine, beer and other drinks. Enjoy a taste or a full glass.

Variety is the spice of GoogaMooga, so bring your appetite—and your sense of adventure. You’ll come across cuisines and tastes you never knew existed. We will also try to make vegetarians and vegans happy, too, as well as those with any other dietary restrictions. This year we’ll serve up at least 8 full-veg complete meals, plus raw foods, cold-pressed juices and artisanal offerings. You’ll go home inspired, enlightened, entertained and, yeah, full.